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Trophy Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

Canada Pike, Lake Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Walleye & More

Fishing in Canada is second to none. The seemingly endless crystal clear waters of the north remain relatively untouched. This means more fish, bigger fish and possibly the battle of your life! Canada freshwater fishing is widely acknowledged as among the best fishing in the world. Aggressive freshwater fish of all kinds can be found right across the country. Wollaston Lake Lodge »


For serious anglers there are a large number of locations for fishing in Canada. Freshwater Fishing Canada offers the incredible water systems of Ontario and Quebec along with the amazing rivers of British Columbia. With the points in between, there are countless untouched waters for fishing in Canada. This means spirited battles from fish that grow in strong numbers and sizes!


Fishing in Canada


While fishing in Saskatchewan you will find more than 65 freshwater species to choose from. The most popular include walleye, pike, perch, arctic grayling and an assortment of trout. There is enough variety to satisfy any angler in this province. Walleye fishing in the province is as good as anywhere in the world. Fishing in Saskatchewan sees a large number of walleye caught every year. If it is a battle you are looking for, the Northern Pike is usually up for a fight. The pike are among the easiest fish to catch in Saskatchewan and are a lot of fun when on your line. Hatchet Lake Lodge »


In the remote reaches of Canada’s serene northern wilderness lies one of the best freshwater fisheries in the entire world – the incomparable Wollaston Lake. More than 100 miles long and 400 feet deep, Wollaston and its surrounding lakes attract seasoned anglers with vast populations of trophy fish of four distinct species: northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling and walleye. The Grand Slam of freshwater fishing.


With 5000 square miles of pristine open water, teeming with trophy-size northern pike, lake trout, walleye and arctic grayling, Hatchet Lake Lodge will give you the fishing adventure of a lifetime, whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner. Lake Trout are the signature fish of the North Country, and Hatchet Lake is a tremendous laker fishery, with huge fish being caught every season. When the bite is on, you can land dozens in just a few hours.


Lake Trout Fishing in Canada

Northwest Territories

If you've ever longed to fish your own lake or river, the Northwest Territories has the angling experience for you. Fly in to a northern Canadian wilderness lodge in the forest or on the barren lands and let an experienced fishing guide show you where to land a trophy lake trout. If fly fishing is your game, our Northwest Territories fishing guides will take you to a sport fishing adventure you'll never forget. Our trophy game fish include the feisty arctic grayling, the wily great northern pike and our tasty fighting fish, the lake trout.


Kasba Lake Lodge is hidden like a jewel in the land of the midnight sun. Located in Canada's Northwest Territories, a short distance north of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, Kasba Lake Lodge is a dream come true. Thanks to nature and our long-time catch-and-release policy, you'll catch some of the biggest fish in Canada. On top of our unbelievable fishing, Kasba Lake Lodge also provides you with the vacation experience of a lifetime. Here, you will fly into our private airstrip, landing steps away from your comfortable cabin. Every day your world-class guide will take you to the best spots to help you find your favorite species. And when you return from a fantastic day of fishing, you will enjoy gourmet meals. Kasba Lake Lodge »


Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia

British Columbia offers some of the most remarkable trout and Salmon fishing found anywhere. Fly anglers from all over the world congregate to this province hoping to land that river bound lunker. You want to talk about panorama? How about embarking on a Canadian fishing vacation that is situated in a scenic mountain region? There are slow and fast moving waters throughout the province with an abundance of fish! This province will certainly test your fishing skills. Fishing in BC is something you will never forget!


To say that this year is one of our best seasons ever for steelhead & trout is right on the mark! Mother Nature was very good to us so far. The rivers are gin clear, the action for steelhead & trout is good and even the weather is nice. Our most popular way to fish for steelhead is via raft or walk and wade. We not only fish rivers in the immediate area of our lodge, but also some incredible wilderness rivers and lakes with great success either on fly or spinning gear. If you want in on the action give us a call and we can arrange for you to be on your way up one of our wilderness rivers in a custom jet boat or in a helicopter to one of our remote lakes. Fraser River Lodge »


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